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Spiritual Wellness Revolution Pvt. Ltd., which is a new venture of the well-established Pioneer Book Co. Pvt. Ltd., tries to bring the most effective mantras that you can benefit from, through its Vedic Healing Mantras App. We have tried our best to bring you the most essential chants that can help solve various day-to-day health issues, and in turn, keep negativity at bay. The app has extensive information about the power and health benefits of the mantras, which can help you stay healthy, happy and positive at all times.

However, please bear in mind that every individual is different and each body has different levels of energy. Therefore, we urge you to read about the mantras and their effects yourself.

In addition, we make no such claims that these powerful chants are a substitute to medical science. Make sure you consult your medical practitioner whenever any health-related problems arise.

Pioneer Book Co. Pvt. Ltd. and Spiritual Wellness Revolution Pvt. Ltd. are in no way responsible if the Vedic Healing Mantras App does not have the desired effect on you.