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Can mantra, mudra and meditation take you out of diabetes?


 Can mantra, mudra and meditation take you out of diabetes?

It’s quite common. We never seem to take our heath seriously until we are struck with serious diseases. Caught in the frenzy of modern life, where is the time to listen to our body?  Take diabetes, for example.  Most of the time we don’t even come to know when we have contracted it.  It’s only when symptoms arise from a serious illness in the body, we get into action. By then, the damage has already been done.


Coping with diabetes

Our sedentary or overactive lifestyle is the root cause of diabetes.  As we keep compromising on our diet, eating habits, weight, quality of sleep, rest and physical exercise, our pancreas start to weaken and eventually it cannot make enough of the insulin hormone required to carry the sugar from the bloodstream into the cells. That’s when we need to monitor our sugar levels closely or else we are in for bigger trouble. There are three types of diabetes – type1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.  However no matter what the type, if diabetes is not treated in time it can lead to a whole lot of health complications including nerve damage and serious health problems.

While medical attention is of paramount importance, powerful ancient therapies like mantra, mudra and meditation can make some real changes to your lifestyle and bring you a renewed sense of health and vigor. Let us get an insight into how this ancient wisdom can beat your diabetes.

The healing power of mantras

Mantras are powerful sound vibrations that bring out all the positive energy inside you. It is scientifically proven how tremendous energy generated from chanting mantras can produce a great healing effect on the body organs. In this context chanting Om Agni Devaya Namah along with performing the samana mudra helps in controlling your blood sugar level. This powerful mantra is used to balance the jatharagni, the digestive fire in the stomach.  As a result the Manipur or the navel chakra situated in the stomach comes into balance and energises the area in the pancreas.  The pancreas restores its normal functions and produces the right amount of insulin required for the body.  As your blood sugar normalizes, your diabetes can effortlessly come under control.


How mudras help

Performing samana mudra also helps to balance the digestive system. When you have diabetes, you tend to put on weight and feel tired and restless. Doing the samana mudra balances the metabolism and also improves your blood circulation.   Our bodies are made up of five elements- Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water and mudras are simple hand gestures that are used to balance the five elements in our body and maintain the equilibrium in the body.


Get a new you with meditation!

Meditation has great potential to bring transformation in your mind and body through restful awareness and relaxation. Regular practice of meditation impacts your psychological response to stress.  It lowers the level of cortisol, the stress hormone that is associated with anxiety and restlessness.  Simply meditating for 20 minutes every day can flush out the toxins from your system and rejuvenate and energise your whole system. Also over a period of time, as self-awareness increases, meditators feel lighter, healthier and naturally inclined to make better lifestyle choices for themselves. They switch over to right foods, eat in moderation and work towards achieving a work- life balance.

So engaging in the combined practices of mantra, mudra and meditation not only makes the mind calm and centered, it also empowers you with strength and will to refrain from temptations and unhealthy habits.   Your changed mindset and attitude towards life helps you in reversing and reducing complications.

Today diabetes is rapidly increasing among young adults, adolescents and even kids. However when you harness the power of mantra, mudra, and meditation to increase your energy and positivity, life is nothing short of a celebration!

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